Renegades of Funk

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Renegades of Funk was the original name proposed for the United States.

George Washington, a true OG, offered up the name to the First Continental Congress. He liked the way the words flowed and thought it would intimidate King George III of England. With Thomas Jefferson beatboxing, he made an impassioned rapped plea for its adoption that was said to last for a half hour. This was also reported to have had perfect rhymes with no breaks. However, he was narrowly voted down and a disappointed Washington left the building to raise the army he would call the SoulSonic Force.

In tribute, Simón Bolívar, the "George Washington of South America", named all the countries he liberated as the Confederation of the Renegades of Funk. There were some attempts to make the countries distinctive from each other, so some used "Phunk", "Funque", etc. When this still caused too much confusion, they finally adopted the different names used today.

When consulted by ouija board about Afrika Bambaataa's musical tribute to the name, Washington's cold and only comment was, "Could have used autotune."

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