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As I sat on my yawning cash register, rambling on about things, it opened up it's nose and screamed: What's that smell?". In return I ate a Smurf, which helplessly crumble to pieces. This was not a warning of what was yet to come, as the golf ball chewed it's way through some cheese puffs, chewingly. So, I continued my rambling of whatsoever with nothing in peticular on my mind, thanks to floobenargen. Ohh floobenargen, with it's shiny velvet coat, and glossy peanuts. How could one not want to smear poo all over a mirror while listening to floobenargen shriek:

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What ever happedned to this mans speech?

Anyway, I walked into this man you see. And, and, he was all like "Watchaaaa!". And I was like "Kookoochuru!". Yeah. Yeah man, he was like, really mad and he started to pick his ear with a shiny metal knife and he fell over. Then there was like this pool of, erm, red koolaid, you see, man. Yeah man. So I ate it man, yeah, man. It tastes like a dead dolphin. Yeah man, that's what it's supposed to smell like man! So, I jumped into a bed of poisonous macoroni.

This time I was going to be extra careful, now that I had a cybernetically enhanced crab living on my elbow. I snuck into the classroom, half-wittedly knowing I was actually standing on a pool table with a plastic squirt gun. Stuffing a birthday card down my nose didn't help either, so I decided on a paper-mache dog instead. This only produced a slight outbreak of purple chinese cookie disease. Not really but, oh well.

Why did the notebook have to be so spike covered, as I stuck it between my ear. I already tried talking with gum wrappers, even to go as far as making a Wrapper Whisperer show, but the information they provided was useless. Unless you wanted to learn the secret of pie or anything, but that's not important. That iPod over there just gave me a bad look. I think he's out to get me. AHH! Quick: Ginjee my boy, take Mr. Snuggles back to freezer! Oh no! A quote from one of my other articles failed to kill that iPod! OH dear Magic banana, lend me your, erm, shiny-ness!

Leedleeedleedleee! Oh crap. Let's get out of here. I just killed that tofu dispenser! I got to get out of this place. Why? Why???? Stop the madness! Ahem !Where's my cheese bagel! You know I can't do my big drama scene without I gosh-dang cheese bagel!!!!!! That's it, your fired. You will never work in this town again! Or this encyclopedia!............ Hey! Come back here! I need some one to warm my chizznugglewings up so I can play the bird-man villian! Waaaiiit! Come baaaack!

Well, I just lost that paperclip I have been calling a secretary. Hmmmmm......what to do know. Oh I know! I'll sit on the ground, and drag my rear-end around, just like Sant Claus! Yeah!

Back to you Bob

Bob: The rambling increased in the following hour, and several dead cats were found in mail boxes. This was severley gooey filled, and it seemed I had already shoved a fax machine into my glove compartment.

Bob:On the other hand, we will be having slight panda showers, and clear skies for the rest of the week. Here's Rick McRick with the Sports!

Rick:Bob smells like cheese!