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Lines in Purgatory are separated by boys and girls and... hey! Get a deacon over there and tell that guy he's in the wrong line.

Welcome to Purgatory! I see you've got a latté with you. A good idea, since you may have a little wait in front of you. And not to worry! You're safe here with nothing but good Catholics here. No Jews or evangelical Christians to bother you here, that's for sure. And the poor get their own purgatory. Homosexuals have already gone straight to Hell, of course. Sorry there aren't enough chairs, but the Pope needed them for some function today, so I'm sure you won't mind.

Now before you get too excited about your final judgment and admission to the Kingdom of Heaven, don't forget that in all your days on Earth, you all never once spoke up against child molestation, not even once. So it's only a matter of being sorted into what level of Hell you're going into. So thanks for flying Catholic, because we know you have a choice of religions.

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