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Welcome to the Illogi![edit]

Illogipub.jpg We sell any beer, vodka, gin, or other spirit from around the world! Make yerself at home, have a beer! Don't forget to sign your siginature!

Bartender:Arrrr... What dy'a want?[edit]

(Put what alchahol yer want with ya signature 'ere. Hurry up, we aven't got all day!)

Crap, Tetley's please8D  The bladester (chatting) 10:25, 6 Jeremy 2008 (UTC)
Bartender:1 Tetleys coming up...
(Drinks all in one gulp) AAAAAAaaaaaahhhh.........Cheers mate!8D  The bladester (chatting) 10:25, 6 Jeremy 2008 (UTC)
Bartender:Next please
A UDL thanks. --Ryan A. Taylor Icons-flag-au.png 10:37, 6 Jeremy 2008 (UTC)