Professionally trained idiots

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This arctickle wil showwe abowt Professionally Trained Idiots, thoz liek me who cannt splel pwoperwy.


A randumb person's name is picked from Frosty the Snowman's hat. The person is forcely escorted to an underground lab in Japan.


There is three instructors: A bunny who talks, a carrot dipped in blue cheez, and an ice cream cone. The person goes thru 2 years of training.

Next Stage[edit]

The dude is entered on a reality TV show called americas next top idiot. The person wins ( obviously ) and is enrolled into the International Society Of Nonsense.


He spends 5 years there. Graduates with a masters degree in stupidity. In his dreams he will have a vision of a toliet. The toliet will tell what to do next.

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