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For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Poo, or simply go here.

Instead of an actual article I worte a load of gibberish involving the characterization of poo. Just ingnore me.[edit]

Brought to you from the third level in the celebrity colon of Testostereich. Join Duncanism now!!! (Or I'll set Barry Scott on you, yes I am quite mad, madistic [more on that later]).

Ode to faecaes i to the e poo[edit]

Poo glorious poo,

Brown round and squidgy

Barry Scott's voice.

Poo's contribution to the world[edit]

After Its youthful banterings poo made a hit television series masquerading under the name of "Winnie." This show touched many young people until the ringleaders were arrested for molestation.

Poo went underground to avoid press speculation and after coming back out of a toilet and biting the nose of the hand that fed. Poo hid out the remaining hours of the scandal by hiding in a "Where's Waldo?" cartoon until an annoyingly articulate gingervitus sufferer found him. The kid was shot by an anti-geek squad from without the surrounding viscinity.

Lately Poo has made a media comeback by surprising humanity by popping out of peoples anuses randomly - his favourite party trick.   boooooooo   oiobvhufxg9pdotuseppututpsutp

The death of Poo[edit]

Unfortunately the worlds whirlwind romance with Poo came to a sad end when he was mistaken for his love rival Sir Dog Faecaes and was unwittingly pooper-scooped.

Farewell Poo and may your smell linger over every dry eye.