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Notificationaration: This article has been nicked from some similar German wiki, so excuse the bad English

The polar bear comes in two flavors; Unipolar bear and Bipolar bear) is white, because would be it pink, then waer's a Himbaer. It is friendly a large animal and with the camel. A subspecies of the polar bear is the Kamembaer. Then it inventedthe Kamelone, for which we would like to thank you all completley. It lives in the arctic or Antarctic - is however actually anyway no matter, which of the two now.

The polar bear is a hinterhaeltiges animal. It can be floated in the ocean and bites thereby nearly unnoticed holes into hulls. Most well-known is here the tragic case of the Titanic, when a polar bear had eaten a nearly 42 meter long piece of the trunk and thus the ship to going down brought.

New realizations over polar bears point that these are inclined, in shank(zoo) held, to it, sheep to tear and a food competition to the wolf become. A shocking example shows the accompanying picture.

In the zoo living a polar bear with eat an innocent lambIn addition polar bears have often the characteristic that they can camouflage themselves very well in the puderzucker, if someone hears rumpeln in the store and checks. So they can unnoticed far, then without Winnie, which Puh bear, since this yellow is, and wanted to hide themselves also in the puderzucker, honey naschen. This phenomenon explains, why most housewives always despaired, because the vorratsschrank is empty. Therefore one should always well the puderzucker through forests! Furthermore it explains naturally also, why at night always and rise in principle the man must be afraid women, in order to check, which rumpelt in such a way there.

From polar bears one in addition also polar bear salad places ago.

The only natural enemies of the polar bear are Tierschuetzer (see polar bear salad).

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