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One point for Gryffindor.

Points is a way to keep score for people who feel the need to do so.

It's perfect for people with OCD since they will always keep track of their accumulated points in order to obtain merch and prizes. And it's not like all kinds of points are good for, say, a waffle iron. So, OCD is perfect for classifying and keeping track of all of someone's points. And folks with OCD will be keeping careful track of offers so they will never have the experience of the rest of us where we turn out to have enough points for something but have forgotten or got pwned on the offer's expiration date.

Sometimes accumulating points can cause problems for others. But that's no concern for OCD point collectors. An example is that of Adolf Hitler who needed just 4000 points for a new barbecue grill. Bluffing got him the Czech Sudetenland and 1600 points. But because of his impatience, he decided to invade Poland to get the additional 2400 points he needed. And the rest was history. Also, consider that in 1945, Stalin only got 880 points for invading Poland. Timing is everything with points.

Now, there are folks who consider points to be pointless. After all, cardboard for sleeping and malt liquor don't earn points for street people. Still, we should all remember that God works on the point system. 5 points should get me into Heaven, right? Right???

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