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Fog 03.jpg

What is this place? It's all foggy and dark and I can't see a thing. WHOA! Bats just flew past me! Just going to have to be careful making my way through this.

The last thing I remember is drinking all that beer and then going to bed. Or at least, that's where I thought I was headed. AGH! Damn spiderwebs, all over the place. Pretty creepy stuff! Hmmm. There's a vaguely human outline up there in front of me. A ghost, maybe? Well, I'll just OW! I tripped over something. So now I'm much closer to that shape. It hasn't moved. I lean over and see that it's... my raincoat! What the? This is weird.

Then it finally dawns on me. I'm in the closet. Gotta remind myself to clean it one of these days.

Oooo! I found some old Easter candy!