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With anchovies.

And...cooked giant rat meat.

The anchovies look like blue shrimp.

And thus, it begins.

Pizza History[edit]

Pizza was invented by the Roman people who thought that bread and sauce were good together. And it is.

How to Make Pizza[edit]

  1. Get a flat piece of bread.
  2. Get some tomato sauce.
  3. Get an alarm clock and smash it with a hammer until it is broken up into several pieces.
  4. Mix the alarm clock pieces in with the sauce.
  5. Cover it with goat hair and fold the bread up into a ball.
  6. Roll a taco over you face.
  7. Defecate onto the bread ball.
  8. Poke it.
  9. Put the bread ball into the oven on 500 for 60 minutes.
  10. Take the bread ball out, sit on it, and sprinkle it with oregano and perhaps some sprinkles if you are bold.
  11. Eat the pizza without eating your hands in the process.

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