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It was a dark and stormy night.

Suddenly, the maid screamed as the lights went out and plunged us into darkness. 'Get the lights, man!' I called to Lord Havesham's manservant standing by the door. 'Forgot to pay the electrical bill again, old man?' Milord's neighbor Reggie was always there with a quip no matter the situation.

The lights came back on to reveal Lord Havesham slumped over in his chair at the dining room table with a knife in his back. Dead.

My eye caught the dish of pickled cucumbers that had mysteriously appeared on the table. Everyone was frozen in place, the only sound the clatter of rain on the windows and the gusting of the wind.

Reggie broke the silence. 'Say, we should start now before the bulgogi and steamed rice get here, shan't we?'

We all sat down and passed the pickled cucumbers around, knowing that we could have extras with the demise of poor Lord Havesham. I must say, his cook was certainly a whiz with Korean food. Suddenly, my mind went racing into overdrive! Where was the kimchi?

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