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Fast fact: Peter Griffin was a stunt double in the movie E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.

“Shut up, Meg! Oh, and Meg? Shut up. Shut. Up. Meg.”

“Shut up, Tamia!!!!!”


~ Quagmire on Peter Griffin

“Yes, I did sell my soul to the Devil. What? I needed the $5 for another beer!”

“Childish, eh? I'm taking my toys home and never coming back.”

~ Peter Griffin, to everyone

“How did Peter get on the Homeland Security list for being banned from Golden Corral?”

~ Brian the dog

“It's just a ban from any state that has a Golden Corral, smartypants.”

“After all this innuendo, did you know that Peter doesn't have a penis?

~ Lois Griffin

“Giggity, giggity!”

~ Quagmire on Peter Griffin's imminent death

Smells like this guy already wet himself.

~ Tough guy

Don't flatter yourself, that was from this morning.

~ Peter Griffin

“Who is that guy, anyway? My father? Surely you jest!”

~ Stewie Griffin on Peter Griffin