Peel back corner to vent

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Don't tell me what to do! I'll do what I want. I've been preparing frozen food for a long time now and I certainly know how to do it. As a result. I have had only 13 kitchen fires or explosions this year. Doesn't that prove that I know what I'm doing?

We're here in Russia, so it's a free country! I can say what I want and nobody can stop me. It's not like we're someplace like the Republic of Desire or Kansas or something. So you're not ever going to shut me up. We are going to take it to the streets if we have to. Me and the cats, that's for sure. And we're gonna tell it, dude. Everything that's wrong with everything. Just try and keep us from doing just that.

Okay, just step away from the wall plug. You think you can just unplug me, your very own toaster oven, and stop me and my friends just like that? Well, go ahead and