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Facehugger 01.jpg

Dude? Sorry to bother you during your nap and everything, but I thought you might want to know this, since it's pretty important. And I think you got a parasite. Maybe. Probably.

At first we thought you were just finishing up that lobster from dinner last night. But Ripley noticed it wasn't lobster-colored, if you know what I mean. And I told her that you wouldn't hog the leftovers like that, dude.

So nothing really to worry about, 'cause we got all kinds of drugs and stuff in the medical section. Probably be all cleared up in week or so and you'll be good as new, dude.

So, I'm really glad you're taking this so calmly. Me, I would've been all "Game over, man". Heh. Just keep taking your nap and we'll get you fixed up good as new. Okay, dude? Okay.