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BAD PAGE! Into the page cage for a timeout until you learn your lesson.

A page is normally a slice of paper with stuff on it. However, in this day and age, it is a thing on your laptop or phone screen. You will find that if you try to peel it up, it won't come up unless your have really, really strong nails. Eat more gelatin.

Those things are called web pages, since they are made by spiders and designed to trap your eyeballs. To protect yourself, you must align the linoleum in your matrices along with your chakras and dangle them tantalizingly over the precipice. For surely, it is inevitable that chicken scratching will attract the Turnip of Dangerosity sooner or later. Remember that to forget what you remembered in the first place gains no foothold in the religion of pompadours and tantalizing jockstraps. It is only by gargling the essential waterfall of nonaligned geothgerdds that kwquerfyl MYCAPSLOCKISSTUCKAGAIN WHYCAN'TIEVERGETOTHEPOINTINTHESETHINGS? Y KANT TORY READ? WHY? WHY? WHY? SEGURIDAD DE MINNEAPOLIS!

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