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Not PBS logo.jpg

PBS, or Permanent Begging Station, me favorite station. Me watch Sesame Street all the time. Yah. So me learn how talk from Cookie Monster there. Yah. Now doing post-doctorate in comparative modern Inglich syntax. While me eat cookie, too! COOKIE!!!

Me even eat cookie like Cookie Monster: OM NOM NOM! But nobody clean up big crumbs, so lotsa rats. Yah, yah. Rats watch PBS with me. So really good, yah. But rats complain about PBS always asking for money. Sometime day and night. Money should be for cookie, not TV. Me maybe give Sesame Street bucks and some cookie but not Monsterpiece Theater and Inglich talk-funny people show. Maybe PBS not be on 24 hour and just run infomercial when Sesame Street not on. Me like that idea, yah.

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