On the fence

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Squirrel on fence flopped.jpg

Being on the fence is a truly shaky situation.

Now if you're a squirrel, cat, rat, possum or even an opossum, you're on some kind of fence literally all the time, so you can stop reading. Otherwise, you'll find out sooner or later that you can't be on the fence forever. You're just too big a target for a little kid with a slingshot or BB gun, not to mention eagles and internet trolls. And your mom.

There's no need to panic. It's no time to picnic, either. So, have a good solid think, maybe dream about whatever problem is making you sit on the fence. Then take the plunge into whatever stupidly bad decision that your tiny little mind has cooked up in fifteen seconds after ignoring everything that you had finally worked out. It is your inevitable fate, after all. Because that's what life is all about. Just remember that the floor is lava.