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     Perhaps you were looking for Not-Muhammad?

Not is a wonderful word. Much like allegedly, it can be used at the end of a sentence to automatically discredit everything said before it. An example of this, taken from a real life conversation:

Man 1: "So yeah, you won the lottery last night..."
Man 2: "Really?"
Man 1: "...yeah..."
Man 2: "Wahey! I'm off to the pub!"
(Man 2 leaves)
Man 1: (some time later) "...not"
(Man 1 sniggers to himself, looks around for Man 2. He ain't there: he's in Barbados.)

Warning: do not use this around irritable people or the easily led.

Tying the not[edit]

Hold the bugger down and apply some Barry Scott before zap! Do not attempt this under the influence of social status.