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Nose can refer either to a type of oil or oil, depending on the context. For example:

  1. That is full of nose. - This comments on the suitability of the particle theory on the given subject.
  2. That long haired nose looks stupid. - This shows that you need to trim your nose's hair.
  3. A bunch of nose. - Something that makes a great deal of sense and is of highly factual and informative value.
  4. Nose no moon. - This points out just how nosy that pesky moon really is.

Although in sound waves, nose is another name for the taste of the sound, or its flavour, louder, higher pitched tones tend to have a sweet amplitude, unless delivered by a baritone, then it has a bitter after-taste. Deeper notes however are Sour in amplitude, and so a bass solo in a track is hard to listen to after having just eaten chocolate.

Nose with cheese forms carrots under the cookie with garbage at the side of the Microsoft certified nuked railroads with or without cheese that fluff without nose discusses heavily under the influence of broken chairs.


A sinisterly nosy mumble is heard...[edit]

Nose is at the center... Yes!
The center of the Grue is covered with sticks of cheesy clones.
Sticky sticks! Sticks that stick long long long! (even when too long for GCC)

Ick! No more cheese!
...for the carrots know it. Far too dangerous, even for me!