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You have been highly warned of the dangers that you will find in North Korea. You will also be censored.

This article has been destroyed, blasted to bits, cut open, slaughtered and censored by North Korea.

Censored, I say.

Norton Antivirush Korea is a country that likes to greatly and tremendously censore things, such as You. Yes, applearently You.

You have been censored and will be censored many more multiple times may not enter North Korea.

Censore Censore Censore

LA LA LA, This has been censored.

What, North korea have sensors?

NO, i thought they had high quality detecting stuff also known as censors.

What, they have a senator?

I thought they had A CENSOR!! a censor.


This censoring country came from another huge gigantic country called Korea, whhich then was split into half when some clumsy gigantic swordsman not samurai came along and purposely accidentally, dropped a huge fake sword made in Japan China onto korea, which was then split into South Korea and North Korea.

Blah blah blah, many more censoring things.


LA, they are highly enjoying censoring things. Such as the not new product, CENSOR-PRO 3000 which you must not know about.

Ya la la. If you enjoy eating kimchi, you will find out that it has been censored, censored, censored censored by North Korea. Or has it?


People there[edit]

People there are brainwashed zombies that will follow orders, they are definitely not nice innocent people.

Official Customs[edit]

The official custom is to censor things. And censor more stuff.

We can not give you more inside scoop, because it has all been burned at the stake, eaten and censored.

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