North Atlantic Ice swan

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Angry swan is angry.

North Atlantic Ice swans are pelagic, or open-ocean dwellers. They are by far the largest bird known on Earth even when compared with Big Bird.

They make their nests atop icebergs or the ice sheet and dine on Blue Whales or seaweed. They are extremely aggressive and so are never bothered by hunters or even polar bears. That snotty behavior is demonstrated by the annual breakup of the ice pack, not due to warming temperatures but to angry North Atlantic Ice swans stomping around for one reason or another, perhaps in attempting to warm themselves. Some scientists have theorized that their cranky attitude is due to harassment by Giant Space Raccoons who might be pwning them and quickly blinking back into the 8th dimension. This exact crankiness has been reported in President Donald Trump who has complained about Giant Space Raccoons many times.

This aggression is also taken out on shipping that may blunder into the birds. For example, container ships carrying bread crumbs will attract seagoing ducks looking for a handout. North Atlantic Ice swans will join the ducks even though they won't eat bread crumbs. Then some misguided cook will mistakenly throw a loaf of bread at a swan, where it will just bounce off the bird's head. All hell will break loose and the ship will be sunk, with the ducks getting all the bread they wanted. It is strongly suspected that a North Atlantic Ice swan was responsible for the sinking of RMS Titanic when mistaking a human couple standing prominently on the bow for a couple of big juicy grasshoppers.