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Cruise ship A.jpg

What time is it?

It's exactly noon. What do you mean, "What's that?" It's when the big hand and the little hand are on the 12 on your clock. Still not clear? Oh, you must have a digital clock. Then it's when it says "12:00". If it's flashing that time, it means something's wrong. No? You're an octopus, yes? Ah, sorry, a kraken. Okay, then noon is when the big tentacle and the little tentacle... nope, that doesn't work.

Let's see. The basic concept is when the sun is exactly overhead, except we have time zones now and that's not always true nowadays. Geddit? And yes, the word is a palindrome, now that you ask. How is it that you know big words like that and can speak English? YouTube??? Yeah, unboxing videos can be cool but those reaction videos aren't winners to me, either.

So what are you doing up here on the ocean surface in the middle of the day? Aha, lunch time. So I suppose you're going to sink this cruise ship and eat everyone on it? Thought so. Damn. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Circle of Life and all that.

Punch the clock[edit]