Nitrogen on Elm Street

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Nitrogen on Elm Street is a comedy film franchise, notable for not needing a laugh track.

Elm Street appears on the surface to be a typical suburban street. However, it is located next to a plant that manufactures nitrous oxide, one that has not been properly maintained. So all its residents are constantly laughing out loud or completely blissed out for no particular reason at all. As the gas is colorless, nobody knows the reason for their behavior. Despite the constant noise from street racers who do know of the presence of nitrous oxide in the air, the residents of Elm Street want to stay there forever after experiencing the real world. Constant crashes of racers into houses and jokes about Russian dashcam videos abound.

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The neighborhood's reputation is known, so house prices have skyrocketed there. The recurring character in the series is Freddy Krueger, a real estate agent that tries to get residents to sell, always showing up at odd times and always getting laughed at during his sales pitch. Another constant theme involves lousy comedians like Louis C.K. who try to buy houses on Elm Street just so there is someone around to laugh at their terrible jokes. But they don't have the money to do so and hilarity and hijinks ensue as they try to murder residents or at least hide out in their attics to hear laughter.