New England

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New England today, with giant mutant deer and holly plus scary trees and clowns.

New England is the the northeastern region of the United States.

The power of its joy-killing and Indian-killing invaders, the Pilgrims, insured that the region remains dreary and cold, quite different from the bucolic but false images of gentle snow falling on a picture postcard scene. In fact, it never stops snowing in New England, making it easy for its residents to throw trash anywhere they like and hold hockey games in the street whenever they like.

Add to this depressing atmosphere the fertile imagination of Stephen King that creates actual horrible monsters that roam the countryside and the dark corners of package stores. Naturally, New Englanders go out and seek these supernatural creatures since they are either totally stupid from inbreeding or are suicidal or are just tired of shoveling snow all the time. Cthulhu, friend of the Pilgrims, also hangs around New England, scaring the crap out of its residents and bringing a fishy odor everywhere it goes.

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