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Multiverse loop keys need to be avoided at all times. Randomness should always be foremost whenever you take a portal through the timenet. This might involve holding an orange between your buttcheeks while smoking a plumber's helper. Otherwise, you might emerge with a different hair color than you had 327 years ago. Remember that if and when you florb, it should be a controlled florb with anblogic erythemia held in stasis. That way, orpality is balanced with gruckeness and you will not plurm. That is, unless you really want to plurm. This can be rembulated with a xantic weelmont coadulmated blimish or equitic tavenation undynamally vacillorated. Vlorm, vlorm, vlorm. Pgksh. Wallaby?


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Follow the White Rabbit
Will the universe be changed one bit if you do? Probably not. The dark hearts of coati mundis? Maybe. But your reflection in the mirror? Oh, yes.