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I'm not my mother therefore my dad is not my mother. If I were my mother I would not be myself. In that case who would I be. If I'm not my mother and I'm not myself then I'm definitely someone who is not myself or my mother making me either my dad or anyone else in the world. Hence I could be one of billions of people.


Identity Crisis.

And now, a song[edit]

M is for the million things she gave me”

O means only she is growing old

T is for the times she fought Mr. T to save me”

H is for her hearty lust for gold

~ Auric Goldfinger

E is for her stank eye shining”

R means right wing she will always be”

~ John McConnell

Put them all together, they spell MOTHER

“The word that put the fear in me!!!”

~ Oedipus

F is for... we're done?”

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