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Mosad, also known as Mo'Sad, ThinkPol and M-Oy-5 is a real government of Israel.


The origins of the Mossad are traced to me, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (every word of which is absolutely true, according to Uncyclopedia), vol. #14, dated to 1812. Chapter 5 discusses the necessity for covert organization which will regulate Franchising parternerships. In 1947, in the spirit of latter publication, David "Uncle" Ben Gurion (mostly recognized for his contributions to String theory) has ordered the creation of the Mossad. However, the memo ordering the creation of the organization was misprinted by David Ben Gurion's personal assistant, who did not know Hebrew, and instead of "franchisor-francisee relationship" was tragically typed "arrange assassinations of uncircumcised high-influence individuals world-wide". The memo was interpreted by the letter and at the end 1948, the Mossad was the first civil organization in Israel to provide both assassination services to Israel government and Web Mail to its employees.

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