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Another glorious start to a brand new day

I awoke with the sound of the alarm in my ears. For a moment I couldn't remember where I was, and then I looked out the window and I remembered.


Still here.

The sky was gray -- the color of faded bread. The kind the spiders have been nesting in.

I stumbled over to my "window" ... the hole in the rock that looked out over the sea.

"You'll love it there!", they said. "The view is beautiful!", they said. "You'll never get tired of it!", they said.

I was tired of it.

The sea was still, flat, and joyless, the way it always is these days. It was the color of a dirty lead sinker that's been used to catch too many fish.

Fine slush was falling from the sky. The ledge looked slippery. But it was that or skip breakfast, so I heaved myself out through the hole.

I slid down until my feet were on the ledge. Or, I should say, my toes were on the ledge -- it wasn't really wide enough for my feet. It was just as slushy as it had looked from inside. The slush squished up between my toes. It felt nasty. I thought again that I really should get some shoes. But Amazon doesn't deliver here (don't ask me why, they deliver everywhere else) and the car won't start ever since it sank, so no shoes.

I started to inch my way along the ledge toward the tide pool. The handholds were full of slush. Gloves -- gloves would be nice. Maybe Walmart would deliver a pair of gloves here ... but since their website went dark it's hard to reach them with an order.

I had made it most of the way to the pool when I found the body. I'm not sure what it was -- maybe an orc, or maybe a rhinoceros. It smelled dreadful. Not much chance of getting around that.

I started back the other way.

I passed my "window" and kept going. Maybe I'd find something good this way.

But no. Fifty feet from the "window" the ledge ended in a parking garage. No chance of finding anything there unless I was looking for a wrecked car or a pool of old oil, and I didn't particularly want either of those this morning.

So back "home". In through the hole, and then the futile search -- did I forget a box of crackers behind that pile of dirty laundry in the corner?

No. No crackers.

Oh well. I turned on the telly. 57 channels, there must be something distracting on it.

But no. All that was playing on any of the 57 channels was reruns of the Twilight movie.

I sat down to watch. Maybe this time Bella would shoot Edward with that derringer she kept hidden in her purse and the movie would end happily. You never know, right?