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With plastic surgery and fur implants, you, too, can achieve the full Mori Kei look.

Mori Girl, or Mori Kei, is another tedious pop culture fashion aesthetic from Japan.

In it, the idea is to dress like you just came out of a forest. So, muted natural colors are the key and being shaped like a tree or a shrub is a big plus. Multiple layers of clothing are worn in a cross between Katamari Damacy and Stevie Nicks fashion. Rolling in leaves can only help, and if flowers and branches get stuck in your hair, all the better. Add lace-up boots or sturdy shoes and carry a basket or picnic hamper and you are good to go. Those will give Mori Girl fashionistas enough traction to pull loose when they get caught on branches while walking through an actual forest.

And the place to go is the Harajuku district of Tokyo. There, young women from all the different fashion armies go to silently check each other out and go shopping for more clothes. For it is law that every girl over age 11 must follow some kind of fashion trend or must remain locked behind closed doors or go live in a cave forever.

It is generally thought that Mori Kei has seriously declined since about 2010, but it is just that its adherents have gotten so subtle in their designs that they blend in with trees and shrubs, even in the big city. It is also thought that most Mori Girls have left the big city to actually live in the mountains and forests, transforming into the various types of spirits and creatures described in Japanese mythology and horror films.