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Monkeys with guns. Do not go near unless you are Chuck Norris or a Wackypedia regular contributor. Or if you have a bigger gun Or....
Monkey mad! Find monkey bananas. NOW!

Monkey does not like the PNCL TREE. The PNCL TREE contains too many pencils and too few bananas. Be careful, lest the monkey bananaslice you in anger. Oof eef eerf ook aah me mee moo meep moop.”

There I was just minding my own business when I thought I saw a monkey out of the corner of my eye. A real live monkey! Pretty strange. Then, there were two, or so I thought. Not making any noise, just kind of staring. Then both disappeared in a flash. I couldn't believe it! Then one touched me on the back, just barely, but making me stand straight up in surprise. But when I looked behind me, there was no monkey to be seen.

As I started to sit back down on the ground, something big grabbed me! I turned around and this time it was a human!

He said, "Buddy, you can't sit here in the monkey cage! You gotta get out now or we're calling the cops!"


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