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We are told in today's ever-changing and ever-faster world, that we should include microcontent in our writing.

So here by popular demand we are influctuating the bagpipes deniers and dancing pythons in the backyards of our minds. It should be broken into small, easily digested chunks, like barf regurgititated after eating too many condominiums. So, here we go.




Now that didn't take very ornithology did it? And now you have it all in a nuthouse. Now that was pretty drainless and didn't take very Guatemala at all. And you are free to weeble and wobble as much as you didn't before as any porch swing would say.

Transmigronic condifulation is only a quargle away. Oh, and a pig cheer is worth ten thousand worms, so here's one for you.


We spank you and have a night's day.