Mediterranean Sea

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Rare photo of unidentified Mediterranean fish.

The Mediterranean Sea separates southern Europe from north Africa. No one knows why it's had to do that, or if it is just a busybody.

It has long been the terror of sailors, with massive waves up to two tenths of a meter tall (8 inches). It is the home of frightening creatures like the kraken and the sardine, not to mention today's weird gawking creatures on cruise ships. People daring to cross the Mediterranean Sea must brave water temperatures ranging from 20° to 25° C. (68° to 77 F.)

Many areas have extremely clear water where wildlife can be easily seen. Remarkably, the Mediterranean is the home of other less dangerous creatures than those mentioned above. Many species of dead fish are found there, along with various kinds of floating plastic bottles and tires. But what really make tourists flock to the Mediterranean are the famous floating turds that surround any boat or swimmer there. Not only can visitors take the memories of seeing them home with them, they can also add to the spectacle.