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Mead, the nectar of the gods. Looks to be Valhalla shown here.

Flyffe gur nachte frlli net meade orch findel, goddta taeka pisz.

~ Beowulf, drunk again

The pellet with poison's in the vessel with the pestle.

~ Some lady

The flagon with the dragon has the brew that is true.

~ Some other lady

Mead is fermented from honey, water, yeast and anything that might be lying around or growing from a bush or tree. As a result, alcohol content can be all over the map. So are the things you might find floating in mead, depending on how much and how often the mead maker tested the brew.

Because there is no set recipe, mead can be still or sparkling, dark or light, explosive or explosive, poisonous or not – you probably get the picture. Referred to being the nectar of the gods, it is clear that the Powers That Be were just out for a good buzz just like humans.

So you might think anybody hanging out in a bar/pub in ancient times would have a loaded spear by his or her side just in case there was a live stoat or something in their mead. But considering that since the bar tab was invented earlier than mead, most drinkers were too drunk to care at that point and probably appreciated a snootful or two of weasel in their vessel. Further, a drunken brawl has always been the part of the drinking experience and agreement over pollutants in the mead with your fellow drinkers might just prevent that.

There have been countless poems and songs written about mead, but while contemporary reports state they were all great, everyone was too sloshed to think to write them down.