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Invented in May

~ Tamia

…by May Boatwright

~ Phyllis Hyman

“At the Mayo Clinic.”

Mayonnaise to the fourth degree!!! Can you not see what they are trying to do to you here??? Just think and think hard. When was the first time you discovered mayonnaise? HA! Can't remember, can you? That's because they don't want you remember. And mayonnaise is everywhere! I'll even bet you were showering with mayonnaise this very morning! And don't believe that "Lite" mayonnaise business, either. Mayonnaise is everywhere: in the sandwich you just bought, hiding in a jar in in your fridge, waiting silent and hidden on every double decker bus and pants presser for the day when it finally takes full control over the world. Beware those who ask for extra mayo AND pickles on the side on their sandwiches!!! Mayonnaise is on the march!!! You have been warned!!!