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Where fnurdles run free and eeble sonk is size D.
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Featured article

Ice climber A.jpg

Slowly forgetting the Gnu's premise, Master Chef began his descent.

I am!

'Remember the Maine!' thought the circling bats.

Down, down. And further still.

There came a small glowing point below him, which grew as he descended ever deeper. Scranton? Perhaps not.

Impatiently, Master Chef

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Previously featured

Woman in match.jpg

It was a dark and stormy night. The Little Match Girl was barefoot, her feet turning blue and red from the cold as the cold rain turned into freezing rain. She had taken off her Nikes for just a moment when a bigger boy came along and stole them, saying that little girls shouldn't play with gunboats, whatever that meant.

She walked from crack house to gay bar to whorehouse trying to sell her boxes of matches,

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Did you know...

  • ... every time you read DidYouKnow, an axolotl gets a free oil change?
  • ... There is a 50% chance of the odds being 50%?
  • ... that if you sleep with your mouth open, you can accidentally swallow your own head?
  • ... that 5 is fivier than any other number in existence except for 8?
  • ... that the British are c... They already came and went, didn't they? Damn.
  • ... that instructions for butter churn repair have been dropped by the Google app store?
  • ... that snakes are never longer than themselves?
  • ... I forgot what I was going to write here? Don't you hate it when something something?
  • ... the rain in Spain stays mainly on your brain on the train going down the drain in Maine, insane?
  • ... CAPTCHA is asking you how many traffic lights you are seeing?
  • ... it's time? For what, I don't know. I'm only the messenger.
  • ... that, each year, more people eat cheesecake than killer bees?
  • ... if you were a mosasaur, you'd be too extinct to finish reading this section?
  • ... it's time for the Manson Family reunion and picnic? Run.
  • ... that the darkest hour is just before... oh, wait. We're THE BAD GUYS! And WE'RE WINNING!!! We are the champions, my friend... Hooyah! Hooyah!
  • ... that there is no Death: you are merely reconnecting with your environment.
  • ... that sharks continually regrow new teeth, making your new career as a shark dentures salesperson a complete joke?
  • ... that exempt for turtles, humans are the the only animal that can proofread?
  • ... that dinosaurs are playing with firecrackers inside the hollow Earth?
  • ... that it's time?
  • ... that if you have a song in your heart, it must now be in a compatible format?
  • ... in a race between a sloth and continental drift, the sloth wins only 16% of the time?
  • ... it took a real long time, but somebody finally gave light a speeding ticket.
  • ... that leaving no stone unturned means including Mick and Keith?
  • ... that the US Open is a lie and closes after 9PM? How's someone going to get a hot dog and a drink then?
  • ... that confuzzlement is its own reward?
  • ... that Leo Tolstoy began writing War and Peace on Wackypedia's DidYouKnow but quit after failing to grasp HTML tags?
  • ... that that's that and not a ziggurat?
  • ... All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  • ... that the exact date can be figured by the length of day, so long as you have a long enough ruler to do the measurement?
  • ... that a pie in the face is worth two in the bush?

Hot off the press:

  • the old administration is gone now I will be

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He who hesitates is lost.

Judge thy neighbor's fridge

magnets as if they were
your own mother's penguins

Crustaceans 4:13

Answer the question
Question the answer

Obligatory shark image.
Are you prepared? Are you a candelabra?

He looks just like you! Sorry, she.

The cake is NOT a lie! It's right there under the rattlesnake cake topper, I just know it!

The Tower of Babel was just a bungalow. Pass it on.

Fish fry fiddle flapjack. Fnord. All your base your base your base your base your base your base your base your base your base your base your base your base your base your base your base.



The mysterious message left at the site of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.


I'm taking requests. Headhunter by Front 242? A-one, a-two...

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