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The original MS Paint-created artwork for this poster was sold at Sotheby's for US$ 2.2 million. In somebody's dream.

MS Paint was the Microsoft answer to the MacPaint Macintosh program. Why did they bother?

MS Paint only produces useful artwork if an artist is truly OCD and can work pixel by pixel for hours and hours. Otherwise, everyone including professionals are reduced to kindergarten level art skills, assuming the teacher blindfolded you and tied both hands behind your back in kindergarten during painting time. You probably consider that to be fun if you remember those days. Besides all that prep, I recall that getting out of the burlap sack after being thrown in the ocean being pretty tough for a little kid.

Those OCD types too cheap to buy Macs sniffed at everyone else, noting that MS Paint was, after all, free with the Windows operating system. However, you couldn't dump it and use the valuable real estate it took up on the midget hard disk drives of early PC days. If you could get rid of most of it, it would magically reappear with every update of the OS. Thus you can understand the popularity of Jason and Freddy Krueger coming back, sequel after sequel, remaining scary each time as moviegoers were always reminded of MS Paint doing the same thing.

The story about Vincent van Gogh jumping into a time machine, encountering MS Paint, and returning to his time to cut off his ear may be untrue, but it is certainly believable. If you like kindergarten art, then MS Paint is all you need. It does allow drunks and druggies to think they are great artists, after all. But I'm getting back into my burlap sack so I don't have to think about MS Paint.