Luke, I am your father

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Yeah sure, I mean, can I think about it? Wait. I'm thinking nooooooooooo! Hold on. Let's start over...

"Luke, I am your father." is a total misquote from the movie The Entire Strikes Back.

Surprised? Well, that's just from Nelson Mandela pwning you by way of the Mandela effect. Because it was actually Nelson Mandela who said the line "I am your father." It just shows to go how bad our memories are. Bet you can't remember your name at the moment, can you? You can blame your phone for that where you have been trained to only have an attention span of 8 seconds. So, anything important should be handed off to your goldfish which can remember things up to 9 seconds.

And since that scene lasted more than 8 seconds, you may have forgotten what else went on. Do you remember the Wookiee leg that shot out to kick Luke off his little platform? See, you missed that plus you were probably thinking "wookie", amirite? Plus, how closely did you listen to Luke's response? It was "Noooooooope." Bet you missed that one, too. So go back and buy the DVD again just to make sure and make Disney very, very happy.

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