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Here we see the abode of the wily but obvious loop.

A loophole is the nest and permanent home of a loop.

Loops are not to be confused with the repetitive sound clips that trance guys love so much. They aren't the loup garou, the legendary werewolf creatures that reside on this wiki. The movie Looper has absolutely nothing to do with these incredible beasts. I know that because I watched it twice.

We do know that their holes supposedly provide a ready escape for them. "Loophole", geddit? So there must be more than one entrance or exit, but I can't cover them all by myself.

So, you might ask, just what are these loops, anyway?

Heck if I know. I was kind of hoping that you could tell me, actually. I've been hanging around the entrance to the loophole for hours to see if it would emerge, but no such luck. Maybe you'd like to take over while I get myself a Coke or something? No? Then maybe can you go over to David Attenborough's place and ask him to take over for me? 'Cause it would be really embarassing if I were taking a piss behind a bush and the loop came out and saw me. Kthxbye.