Lincoln Logs

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Just like the larger Duplo bricks in the Lego system, Lincoln Logs also has large pieces suitable for smaller children.

Lincoln Logs are construction pieces for children, much like Lego.

They interlock so that log cabins and forts can be built and burned down. The best part is that they can be left lying on floor and trap unwary lurkers in the night looking to take a leak or sneak something from the fridge.

As such, they are more effective at creating havoc than Legos. The pieces do have edges that will injure a foot just like Legos. But Lincoln Logs are stained a dark color to remain hidden in a dark room. They are round and will roll underfoot, and so can cause cranial injury after the lurker flies through the air ass over teakettle. And since they are made of wood, they will splinter and cause infections. Therefore, more doctors give out Lincoln Logs as gifts than Legos. Be sure to buy some before they are outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

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