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It's not here.

Lemuria is known as the lost continent.

So, my friend, where is it? What did you do with it? Did you look everywhere? I turn my back for a few minutes and BAM, Lemuria is missing. Very suspicious, if you ask me. It doesn't matter that I finally found the TV remote when I rummaged around the couch. I also found Fluffy who you thought ran away.

You know that Mom isn't going to like this at all. Remember that time when you lost Atlantis? I mean, she really trusted you and you let her down. Then when she went to get another Atlantis, they were all out.

So think hard. When was the last time you saw Lemuria? It might give us a starting point for a real thorough search. Still not saying a thing, eh? Alright then, just sit there then, you worthless dining room table.