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Fluffy is po'd when the condo association guy tells her that they don't allow the use of clotheslines. Anyway, there's still all that cat hair.

Laundry is not worth it. All those people living in the jungles have got it right running around nearly nekkid. I'd do it but my archery skills aren't so hot.

First, you gotta pick up all your clothes off the floor. That's just depressing cuz then you see how dirty the carpet is. Oh, well. Then you gotta fill your laundry basket and haul it to the laundry room, plus take all your other junk like soap. You guys that own houses with yards and use a hose to wash your clothes got it made, I tell ya.

And you gotta make sure you got about twenty or so quarters to feed the machines. I tell ya, it's hard to get so many quarters at one time, since I gotta shake down soooo many kids in the morning when they're leaving the building. Then, I gotta go down a bunch of stairs to the laundry room, which is scary dark as hell. Lucky for me, the laundry room troll that lives down there will turn on the light when I come in with my arms full. No problem, he can smell my dirty laundry and tell it's me. Of course, I gotta give him something, like just a banana or Twinkie, otherwise he might eat all my socks or my good shirts.

It's all too boring down there so I don't stay. Besides, the rats always want to use my phone to play games. They know all the cheat codes and beat me every time so that's no fun. So, it's back upstairs until it's time to take everything out of the washer and throw in the dryer. It might be a week or so before I remember to get my stuff, but then it's all cooled down by then.

Then I got the long trip up the stairs and back to my place. Again, I luck out since that the laundry thieves are waiting for me. They usually take enough so the basket gets easy to carry. They're usually not too picky cuz they're just selling clothes by weight to guys who are selling them in third world countries. Swear I saw this kid on the news once wearing my "Vote for Pedro" T-shirt.

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