Latrodectus mactans

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Lactrodectus mactans was a powerful Roman leader whose influence is felt today.

He would trap his foes in a carefully made web of intrigue, then made sure the life was sucked out of them. This insured his influence extended from Asia to Africa. Immensely feared and respected, he even briefly controlled the Mongol Golden Horde, until deposed by the armies of Orkin Mahan.

Legends say he came from North America. He then rose to power by making silk and controlling its trade at the western end of the Silk Road. As quirky as any earlier Roman, Lactrodectus mactans preferred to live in secret passages within the walls and under the floors of the many palaces he built. He was described by contemporaries as being "stealthy and venomous". He was also reported to always wear his sigil, or symbol, of an hourglass, a threat to his foes that their time would be coming soon.

There are no reports of his demise, just reports of his disappearance. His empire within the empire collapsed as his successor, Gluteus maximus, was disrespected and deposed. Thus, he is still being reported as seen hanging out with The Mahdi and Elvis at Dunkin Donuts and Starfucks throughout the world.

Veni, vidi[edit]

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