Lake Titicaca

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The calm before the storm.

It was a dark and stormy night. The atmosphere was dark and brooding in the Andes Mountains. Because so was Lake Titicaca. Yes, it was alive! And it was seething with dark thoughts as well.

For its sentience also allowed it to hear and eventually understand human language. And it did not like what it heard. Nearly every American tourist would make some kind of lame joke about titties and caca when they were visiting. After years and years of this, the lake had gotten totally fed up. For Lake Titicaca was a water god, still worshipped as such by many locals. And this moonless night would be its night of revenge.

Amid cold rain showers, streams began to flow from Lake Titicaca onto the shore, making their way to the tourist hotels ringing the lake. They silently made their way into the hotels, breaking into separate smaller rivulets that entered each room. Just before reaching the bed of each tourist, the lake invoked the power of the volcano gods and heated its water to a warm temperature. That would be enough. The little streams of water then covered each tourist's hands until the humans pissed themselves in their sleep. The streams then retreated quickly back to the lake to avoid getting urine on themselves.


Mira, Mami![edit]