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A kilometer is measure of distance from here to way over there.

It is figured as a thousand meters and not like 653 meters or 12 meters or 823.11273 meters. Who the hell cares since a meter is an arbitrary distance in the first place. Somebody scratched a couple of marks on a metal bar and said, "That's a meter". And it's not like somebody else is actually going to take that bar and measure a distance off a thousand times. So not only is the cake a lie, so is a kilometer.

So you want a more exact measure of what a kilometer is supposed to be? 189.893 rods are equal to a kilometer. Not good? There are 4.97 furlongs in a kilometer. No? Don't even start about conversion to miles, since nobody civilized uses that any more. Admit it, you don't know what measurements mean in first place, just numbers on a readout. Just accept what the road signs tell you and pretend that you really are getting 300 km per liter of petrol/gasoline.


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