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Kansas is that one place somewhere with the...tornados...and...houses. And dogs. And weird teenaged girls talking to themselves in bright white buildings.

"I'm holding an invisible baby!" "Really Winthorpe?"

History of Kansas[edit]

One day, Kansas dropped out of the sky. Dorothy saw it. Her brain broke. Subsequently, she was shipped off to a bright white building along with her dog. She was never the same again.

Kansas today[edit]

Today, Kansas is a major exporter of carrots, both normal and mutated varieties. Because carrots only grow in fnurdle nests, Kansas is also a major exporter of fnurdles.


Despite their prosperity in the carrot trade, Kansas continuously fights against rabbits of mass destruction for control of carrots. Scientists are currently working on finding a solution to this problem, and a solution for stingy contacts.

More problems[edit]