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“Jeremy smoked your ass in class today.”

~ Door Jamb

Jeremy is furstest and wurstest month on the colander.

In the Norvern hemisphere, the month is typified by ice and snow, totally unnecessary since pro hockey is played indoors. In the Suffern hemisphere, it is unbearably hot with the occasional typhoon or hurricane to liven up things. The only region that escapes these events are the tropics, where poisonous animals and multiple diseases make for a pleasant time year round.

This seasonal temperature change is all caused by the Earth tilting relative to the Sun, which in turn is caused by too many Fat Hippos on one side. With enough tilt, Fat Hippos fall off and the Earth slowly tilts back. But then Fat Hippos start multiplying on the other side and the Earth starts tilting in that direction. Over and over and over again. We will all be glad when global climate change turns the world all tropical and so will Fat Hippos.

Months of the Screaming Moon