Jedi New Year

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Jedi New Year is the big holiday that everyone in the galaxy looks forward to. Even more than sentences that end in prepositions.

While it may seem to come more than once in a year, that is one of the simpler Jedi mind tricks. This is done to keep Sith from never knowing the exact date. A few still try sneaking in to the event despite the Wookie bouncers stationed at the front door, trying bribes, lightning from the fingertips, force choking and all that stuff. And a popular event it is, even outshining Life Day as shown on the legendary Star Wars Holiday Special with its dozens of fabulous Harvey Korman impersonators.

Celebrants can be hung over for a Mandalorian week, meaning any Sith that did not manage to sneak in can wreak all the havoc they like in that time. Most Jedi assume they had a good time since they can't remember a thing about the event. It's just as well since it's just balloons and alcohol and the same old band that they get every year from the Tatooine cantina.

Use the Force to see[edit]