It's a beautiful...

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Its a beautiful asparagus.jpg

There you are, all hot and sweaty on an otherwise beautiful day.

So you climb all the way to the top of a mountain to air out your pits. There's a nice breeze up there that should work just find. It's so quiet up here where you can't hear the sheep playing their bagpipes in the valley below. Not a Tyrannosaurus rex around, either, to spoil the mood.

So you are watching the clouds go scudding by, thinking about the clouds looking so much like cotton candy. Suddenly. you see a bunch of asparagus floating past! Mommm! Well, no. Remember, you put her in the old folks home just last week, kicking and screaming. So, she's no longer around to nag you into eating vegetables instead of junk. But that asparagus certainly does look good to you. Just the finest, freshest, biggest... Wait. Is this a psychologically manifested illusion/delusion with a hidden or even overtly sexual meaning as Sigmund Freud might say? Nawwwwwwww.

But you are getting hungry and hope that some dinner idea comes floating past on the wind. Just as you think you see a pork chop appearing on the horizon, you hear a sound behind you. Why, it's a bomb! Probably sent by that beeyotch Princess Peach, no doubt. As you kick it off the mountaintop, you wonder if it has anything to do with that hot little affair you had with Bowser. Nawwwwwww.