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thats a diagram i did of intellect. its labeled and everything.

intellect is the thing where you have a mind and you use it to do smart stuff. intellect is alot like intelligence.[1] if you can read a book it PROVES you have an intellect. if yuo want to see, intellect, see idiocracy.

albert einstein had an intellect. lookit.

i dunno whatd you write about intellect. i guess i can repeat the word intellect over and over and over. intellect is cool. intellect is smart. takes brain juice. what would i write about intellect. ok there i wrote it. oh i already said the two sentences ago thing.

anyone who says that intellect is unsmart, i can take you.

im going on and on and on and on (4 times).

i should get on this, encyclopedia style:

Intellect is the part of the metaphysical mind that learns and reasons. Philosophers Plato and awesome are guys. They thought about intellect, "I think therefore I am." Intellect at work.

man thhose wikipedians have it hard. howmi gonna build a 300 word essay.

sooooo yeah, no major factual erroors. uhhhhh, before i go, i wanna say, vote whoever, i dont follow politics.

Intellect is a state of mind.[edit]


  1. if you use big words, you are intelligent. note; the previous sentence means if you use big words youre a soodointellectual.