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Indiana state seal.jpg

Before travelling to Indiana, we can get a lot of information about it by looking at its state seal.

Here, the sun has already risen and somebody is hard at work already chopping down trees. So Indianans are hard workers that probably chopped down all the forests that used to be there. Apparently, there used to be mountains there with the tallest now being about 1250 ft (75 m) tall today. So we can guess that they also had some pretty good bulldozers back in the day.

With all that empty land, it looks like no farming ever took place in Indiana. So when visiting, bring sandwiches at the very least.

But look at the guy with the axe. He's pretty far along cutting through that tree and he's in danger of being crushed by it when it falls. So Indianans are pretty reckless types. If you sell insurance, you might be able to sell lots when you get there.

Now the buffalo/bison is smart enough to get out of the way. But the way it's jumping over the log, it's not going to make it and will just bellyflop. If you insure buffalo for some reason, there's another opportunity right there.

Then there are the things filling out the empty border space on either side of the date. It's a chicken with a hat, reflected in water or something. Now if you're in some secret chicken cult, you probably know what this means. Kinda scary, but it does make you want to visit Indiana.

Indiana wants me